Truffle Hunting Dogs
Truffle hunting and truffle farming is fast becoming one of the most lucrative farming products in the United States today, with truffles fetching record prices as American awareness of this speciality item increases.  At Truffle Hunting Dogs, we train and provide truffle dogs to private truffle hunters, truffle farms, and mycological enthusiasts worldwide.  
Truffle hunting dogs are trained using scientific techniques designed to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of truffle hunts.  Based upon police and military K9 training for drug and explosives-sniffing dogs, our methods ensure a reliable Truffle K9 who relishes a chance to go hunting.  
A trained truffle dog can find black or white truffles simply using the scent of the fungi.  Truffle-sniffing dogs have long been used in Italy and France for their keen noses and desire to work.
Truffle Dogs: Worth Their Weight in Gold